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Two new releases from Little Brown Dog, Including a Coo!

Two new releases from Little Brown Dog, Including a Coo!

There are two guys in Aberdeenshire that just fill us with joy when it comes toSingle Cask Releases - Andrew and Chris from Little Brown Dog Distillers.

And they have done it again with two sensational releases. Adding to the growing fervour around LBD, the bottles have permanently grown too, as showcased in two more 70cl bottles!

Each cask has been specially selected and finished by the two nutters behind the Little Brown Dog brand. (and we mean that as a huge compliment)

Wee Broon Coo Cameronbridge

The first Wee Broon Coo released by Little Brown Dog not only showcases fine diversity of the branding team at the Independent Bottlers, but also demonstrates that they aren't afraid to release something off the normal walk - as long as the liquid is excellent.

This Single Cask is proof of this, coming in the form of a 1992 Cameronbridge bottled at 54% abv, coming from a Refill Butt.

It is the second LBD Single Grain after last years North British, also a 1992 Distillate.

A whack of coffee beans on the nose, melting into freshly baked bread and oven cooked raisins.

The palate is delightful, soft but creamy, with toffees and a dusting of shaved chocolate. There's still a lingering coffee note too.

The finish is dry, with a long lasting flavour. There isn't a hint of the alcohol and perhaps a bit of hot chocolate powder hiding in amongst the nutmeg and baking spices. 

The Cameronbridge Wee Broon Coo release was a cask collaboration with David Stirk, author of the recently released book Independent Scotch and founder of the Creative Whisky Co.

Independent Scotch is one of the finest recent books on the history of independent bottling and it's huge impact on the shape of todays Scotch Whisky Market.

Well worth a read, over a dram, of course.

Little Brown Dog Benrinnes

A cracking Speysider comes in the form of a Benrinnes bottling, distilled in 2012.

Finished in an Oloroso Hogshead, the sherry influence on this distillery is beautifully balanced and far from overpowering.

Sweet but spicy on the nose, with delicate red berries and fruit & nut chocolate. A freshly opened packed of Haribo, or jelly strawberries?

On the palate is a real hit of dried fruits. Apricot layered in cocoa powder and those strawberry sweets again. Complex and intense but wonderfully quaffable.

The finish is juicy and salivating, causing several refluxes and chewing saliva! There's a host of fruits, mostly tropical but some citrus, some malty cereal and dry spices - cinnamon perhaps, definitely nutmeg. 

It is a truly great example of finishing to excel a whisky character rather than overload it with cask influence.

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