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New Core Range Rum from Little Brown Dog

New Core Range Rum from Little Brown Dog

LBD Wee Mongrel, Blended Rum aged over 8 years.

This new addition to the LBD armoury is a well balanced, sweet blended rum, put together using rum from Panama, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Although the label states Batch One, this will be a staple feature to the core range of LBD products, with the blend recipe secure. The nature of the production does however mean that each release may differ slightly due to cask influences, and so in their ever open way, LBD seek to ensure you are aware of the batches.

The nose is sweet and welcoming, with plenty of vanilla, as you would expect. Those brown-sugar notes of butterscotch, baking spices, a little chocolate and condensed milk are soft, sweet and offer little in terms of spirit. Perhaps not an intense, sophisticated and 'wow' nose - but that's ok; it's fun, approachable and very, very pleasant.

Like the nose, the palate is gentle and enjoyable. Again, loaded with vanilla, butterscotch and this time a little dryness in the form of orange and apricot. A very subtle woody note comes in to add depth and character. At 48% it is hefty enough to give the rum some character, it's mouthfeel is creamy and lingering and coats the palate with great sweet flavours.

As the glass opens up, more complexity comes through, banana perhaps, the orange note becomes sweeter. Caramel and creme brulee show their face. But somehow still underlain with a dry, oakiness ensuring that this doesn't become too sweet, or too much like an overly sugared spiced rum.

As they dissolve, a dry, oaked and almost clove character sticks around, tempting you to take more, but resist and you'll be rewarded with the most delightful long, sapping finish.

A well balanced, brilliantly put together rum, which includes rum up to 15 Years old. For a core range rum it's an excellent addition, perfect for sipping neat or in an Old Fashioned cocktail. It'll stand up well in a lot of cocktails as the sweet spirit, it's not as dry as some well aged rums but it's versatility will mean that nobody should be disappointed.

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