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Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1st & 2nd Release Tasting Pack 6 x 30ml


Tasting Notes:

The term 'legend' is bandied about far too often these days. In the case of Jim McEwan, however, there is no other word that can be used.

Jim has spent more time than most in the whisky industry, starting as a teenage cooper at Bowmore before inventing the role of a Brand Ambassador, traveling the world and showcasing whisky.

He is most famous for his time at Bruichladdich, rejuvenating the distillery and creating some of the finest Islay whiskies of the modern era. During his time there Jim built up a collection of private casks, and this collection of whiskies became known as the Jim McEwan Signature Collection.

Contents (30ml samples)

1.1: Bruichladdich 2007 Cask #R08/153-12, 13 Year Old First Fill Bordeaux Cask 61.8% abv

1.2: Port Charlotte 2007 Cask #R08/152-12, 13 Year Old First Fill Bordeaux Wine Cask 60.9% abv 

1.3: Octomore 2007 Cask #3807 13 Year Old First Fill Sauternes Cask 57.5% abv

2.1: Bruichladdich 2008 Cask #2666 12 Year Old First Fill Bourbon Cask 59.8% abv

2.2: Port Charlotte 2010 Cask #1415  10 Year Old First Fill Bourbon Barrel 59.4% abv

2.3: Octomore 2013 Cask #1872 7 Year Old First Fill Bourbon Barrel 62.3% abv


As usual, an extremely limited amount of these packs have been made available!