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Little Brown Dog and their exceptional 18 Year Old Whisky

Little Brown Dog and their exceptional 18 Year Old Whisky

Local and fun, the two main reasons why we love the guys at Little Brown Dog Distillery.

But they wouldn't be much fun if the spirit didn't taste fantastic as well, would it?That's why we are delighted with pretty much every release from them Andrew and Chris. Quality over quantity, every single time.
That, and the brilliant release videos, of course!
In what is the most luxurious release in Little Brown Dog's short history, a Port Charlotte 18 Year old Single Cask, LBD have struck liquid gold. This cask was offered on the basis that they bottled the liquid soon, and didn't keep it for more profit later.

The cask was selected by Jim McEwan MBE, for the owner, who was diagnosed with cancer. The idea was that tasting the liquid when it was at its peak would give the owner the determination to beat the foul disease.

They say whisky can work miracles and, sure enough,  18 years later, the patient survived his ordeal and offered the cask to Little Brown Dog to bottle.

It is an exceptional story and an opportunity that the guys simply could not pass up. Perhaps a little more expensive than they were used to dealing with but with this release,  the company is now dining with the elite amongst Independent Bottlers.

A Tasting Review

By Mike Stuart

Nose: It's like waking up next to the beach the morning after a barbecue and bonfire. You know, the secluded spot in a small island cove, where your clothes still smell of fresh smoke, the burnt meat of the barbecue still stick to the grill, still simmering in the embers of coal, and more than one of you have had a cigar or two.

It's peaty, but it's fresh and crisp. There's complexity beneath the lovely cigar ash and leaves, there's fruit in there - perhaps from nearby gooseberries or even last nights barbecued bananas.

Salinity, coming in from the sea brings a salted caramel aroma that exposes itself over some time in the glass. It's well worth pouring and leaving for 30 minutes to enjoy this lovely sweet note, hidden under the savoury, meaty smoked aromas.

Palate: Thick and oily is my first impression. It really fills the mouth and even a small sip really takes over. It's a wonderful experience even before the flavour takes hold.

Like the nose, there is a lot going on here. Some peat-bombs tend to overawe the palate with that instant hit of smoke. Here, it is more subtle on the palate than on the nose.

Yes, it's there, it's earthy and chewy, but in keeping your mouth moving and allowing the saliva to open up the flavours you really don't get too much of a peat-hit, and instead open yourself up to a host of underlying goodness.

The Bourbon cask has lent itself exceptionally well to the balance of flavours over the 18 years spent together. Picking out Port Charlottes classic ash-smoke and dusty furniture backed up with a fruity note perfectly. Adding some dryness with some citrus, perhaps grapefruit initially then sweetening into a mandarin through time.

Honey, cooked banana and salted bacon come through in waves. An American style breakfast perhaps! There is classic vanilla influence, but the whisky is certainly more savoury and salty initially, lingering on the palate long after you swallow.

At 51.5% ABV it is a dangerously easy sipper. Balanced again, between spirit and cask.

Finish: Waxy and lingering. Long lasting white pepper spice plays amongst some ginger kick and cooked fruits. The smoke is still there, but you're almost searching for it, such is the elegance in which it dissolves in the mouth.
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