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Auld Goonsy’s Malt, Whisky with a story…

Auld Goonsy’s Malt, Whisky with a story…

Auld Goonsy was a character with a story to tell. A former cooper, working amongst the dunnage warehouses of whisky distilleries across Scotland, he was often found telling stories of the goings on he encountered (and probably created!) during his career.

 Having built a friendship over his career with    distillery managers and whisky enthusiasts, when  the time came to hang up his hoop driver, he had  accumulated a number of casks, and his acquired  friends were all too happy to help him select the  finest for tasting.

 Auld Goonsy himself recommends that his whisky releases are “best served with stories”.

 We are delighted to stock just a selection of Auld Goonsy releases, and even more delighted to crack open a sample bottle of the 30 Year Old Jura to see    what delightful fable came from the glass.

It is a whisky bottled at a natural cask strength of 42.2% ABV, but what it lacks in volume it more than makes up in character. The low, natural ABV allows the flavours of the spirit to come through with the wood in a balance and experience that only the finest old whisky provides.

On the nose I’m immediately reminded of honey and butter on white bread sandwiches. It’s a childhood memory of a snack I would have eaten, funnily enough, 30 years ago! It sparks a reminder of arriving home from school to this delightful sandwich before heading out to

Returning to the here and now, some more nosing reveals honey and lemon tea, freshly baked shortbread and a hint of menthol. Some oak tartness comes through, adding some depth and vintage class to the sweetness.

The first sip and before any flavour is realised I’m struck by the mouthfeel. Thick and creamy, immediately coating the entire palate. From here I pick up green orchard fruits, ripe pears and chopped apples ready for stewing. Some white sugar and kitchen spices, cinnamon and all spice.

There’s a playfulness to the dram, with white chocolate mice and strawberry laces adding sweetie shop memories and a fun twist to the otherwise sophisticated, balanced liquid. A heavy shortbread base holds everything together in order, offering consistency.

The finish is long and creamy, lingering for some time. The strawberry notes pop up, somewhat creamier (dare I say Strawberry milkshake!?) and softer. Vanilla fudge and lemon drizzle cake give some complexity to the finish before a final hurrah from oaky dryness and a little nuts give a wee twist at the end.

This crazily drinkable whisky is quaffable to the core. With very little hint of alcohol coming through, it could actually be deemed as dangerous. The price point of over £300 might put some off, however for those who can afford it, this is a stunning little dram.

Jura has gathered a somewhat chequered reputation of late, however that should most certainly be shelved and an open mind adopted when pondering this purchase. It would certainly be ideal for a 30th birthday celebration, or with my 40th fast approaching, I’d happily welcome this bottle from any willing gift


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