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Give the gift of Glassware this Christmas

Give the gift of Glassware this Christmas

What do you get someone who loves whisky at Christmas? Thinking outside the box with an elegant, made for purpose glass which can be used time and time again might just tick the right boxes. Here Russell Brinklow reviews our most popular glass, the Glencairn.

The elegant and functional design of the Glencairn glass is one that all regular whisky drinkers will be familiar with. Yet it has only been just over 20 years since it was released into service to become the iconic piece of glassware that no self-respecting whisky aficionado would be without.

The original design was developed as a prototype in the 1980’s by Raymond Davidson, founder of Glencairn crystal. He wanted to invent a glass that would encourage better appreciation of the nose and palate of whisky. There was a feeling that unlike wine, brandy, cognac etc…whisky never had a glass to call its own.

However, the design remained in a file until Raymond’s son Paul, now managing director of Glencairn, discovered the prototype and felt it had some potential.

After some feedback from leaders in the industry, the design was slightly revised and made its way into production.

To those of us who have enjoyed many drams they have become ubiquitous and certainly the only glass you would use when hosting a tasting event.

The wide bowl design allows appreciation of the liquids colour, while the tapering mouth enables passage of aroma to the nose. This allows us to investigate the subtle nuances of the spirit within.

The base allows the drinker to hold and examine or swirl the

whisky without warming the whisky, or looking overly pretentious if feeling self-conscious in company where the whisky (god forbid) is not the centre of conversation.

The glass is an attractive size and shape to brand with distillery, shop or whisky club logos as well as catchy slogans.

Of course, there are many fit for purpose glasses out there, but the king of them all is the Glencairn, so have a look at our wonderful range of Glencairn glasses when mulling over that perfect gift.

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