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Fino Sherry Release from Kilchoman Distillery

Fino Sherry Release from Kilchoman Distillery

Kilchoman Fino Sherry Cask Release:


Fino Sherry is often overlooked, especially when it comes to whisky maturation, because when people see the term 'Sherry' on a bottle they expect big Christmas flavours, chocolate notes and orangey spiciness.

Fino Sherry is the driest sherry style available, alongside Manzanilla. It is biologically aged entirely under a layer of yeast , known as the Flor, for at least two years. Not only does the Flor prevent air from getting in to the wine, it also helps transform flavours as it ages.

Typically, a Fino Sherry will be quite herbal in flavour, with fresh dough aromas and an almond note. Other notes include saline, yeasty and Mediterranean flavours.

(If you haven't tried a Fino Sherry before, I would highly recommend you try it loaded with ice and mixed with tonic, it will give gin a run for it's money as your summers day refreshment!)

These notes transfer perfectly in this release from Kilchoman.

Don't expect a big sherry bomb from this whisky. Instead, enjoy a complex, appealing and infinitely interesting dram that evolves in the glass.

A nose of smoked oak, butterscotch and caramels, develops a lemon custard note that works into toasted almonds.

Fresh citrus opens up on the palate and that almond flavour brings a creamy sweet texture, with lots of 'green' notes working alongside the smoked fruit notes of Kilchoman spirit. Green apples, a little grape and some lime pop up as the glass airs.

Dark chocolate does pop up in the finish, enveloped in classic Kilchoman peat smoke and tobacco.


A great dram for the intrigued whisky drinker.

Kilchoman Fino Sherry


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