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A Review from our 'Wine Guy' Darren Buck

A Review from our 'Wine Guy' Darren Buck

The first in a series of Wine reviews, where we aim to help you make the perfect choice from our expanding selection of wines. More than just a whisky shop, the Inverurie Whisky Shop has slowly but surely growing its wine collection and finessing the range to ensure that we offer you the finest fines, unavailable in supermarkets.
Our newest employee, Darren Buck, has passion for, and knowledge of winess that makes in a brilliant addition to our small team. Here, he has selected two wines to review for your pleasure.
On first look of this bottle, it comes across very sophisticated with its tall frame and mitre-shaped white label with hints of black and gold. The look is very fitting for this vineyard which is Austria’s oldest wine estate and is both a vineyard and an abbey. On look alone, this wine feels very suited to Christmas with its religious undertones and its use of German on the labels, and would be a perfect addition to a Christmas hamper, gift or dinner table. 
Grüner Veltliner is an excellent grape for fans of Sauvignon Blanc, being quite similar in profile. It’s a very fashionable grape and is an absolute star in Austria.  When you pour yourself a glass of this lightly-coloured wine, you will get a hit of orchard fruits on the nose, namely apples and pears, along with some citrus and zesty aromas.  The taste is equally as refreshing and delicious, being dry with an immediate hit of green apples, lemon and lime with it finishing with a very subtle peppery finish.  
This wine is very fresh and mouthwatering and would pair well with fresh fish, seafood and salads.  For Christmas, this wine would be great with your turkey, chicken or even duck, as well as with some creamy cheeses.  Grüner Veltliner has also begun to have a name for itself as a perfect pairing for some Asian foods like sushi, Cantonese food, Korean food or Vietnamese food - so it’s incredibly versatile and perfect for everyone. 
For those who are environmentally or climate-focused, it is great to note that this wine comes from the first carbon neutral wine estate in Europe! 
Serve chilled around 8 or 9 degrees celsius and enjoy! 
It might sound superficial, but I love a bottle with an animal on it.  This one features a noble and strong bull, which is the symbol of this organic and sustainability-focused, Italian vineyard.  Abruzzo is known as the “green lung of Europe” featuring the Adriatic coastline, mountains and national parks.  
This winemaker has 30 hectares of vineyards in the region and this wine is specifically made in two of them, Fara Filorum Petri and Ortona, where their vines were planted back in 1985.  2021 was hot and dry in Abruzzo and grapes for this wine are picked in the 2nd half of October so they will have had lots of ripening time. 
On first look of this bottle, it is very contemporary, fashionable and modern. When you open it up and pour a glass, you will be treated to a ruby liquid with aromas of red fruits like cherries and plums, as well as hints of blackcurrant. Also of note, is a very Italianesque scent of dried herbs (think oregano and thyme) which makes you feel very impatient for a taste.  
The taste is as perfectly Italian-feeling as the aroma with lashings of those fruit flavours along with a hint of vanilla and subtle notes of those herby and peppery flavours.  What is really interesting about this wine is that the tannins are high and with it being young and fresh, it gives the overall feeling of it being quite savoury in profile. This is all very well-balanced because of its high acidity and initial fruity flavours. 
This wine would pair well with pasta and meaty sauces like bolognese, ragu or cheese sauces (mac and cheese anyone?!).  For Christmas, think of your juicer and richer cuts of meat like pork belly, pork shoulder or beef brisket. 
If you are an Italy fan and love your Italian food and wine, or if you are buying for someone who fits that bill, then this is an excellent choice.  
Serve around 13 and 18 degrees celsius and savour away! 
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