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Wolfburn Kylver Series Release No 4


Sometimes at Wolfburn the odd special cask that delivers a distinctively good whisky appears. Perhaps one that nature has intended to mature in its own special way or a different type of cask. To make sure these whiskies get their own stage to be shared and enjoyed, Wolfburn have created The Kylver Series.

Named after a burial stone that features one of the earliest examples of the Viking runic alphabet and to reflect the history of Caithness that surrounds us, The Kylver Series will grow as Wolfburn grows and chart the journey through the years ahead.

The symbol on this bottle is called “Ansuz”, which roughly translates as “god” or “gods”. This is the first peated Kylver release, the whisky was matured for around four years in a combination of first-fill bourbon barrels and second-fill quarter casks.