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Vesperis Gin Boxed 2018

Vesperis Gin Boxed 2018

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The first Gin from Blackford Distillery, Aberdeenshire.

Following on from the success of Vesperis Vodka and following the same flavour profile comes this hugely enjoyable gin.

A crisp and clean floral note hits you first on the nose with subtle hints of coriander freshness and citrus. There is no alcohol burn on the nose here.

To taste the initial flavour is a lovely sweetness coming from the honey infusion, a spice then takes over but this is not unpleasant. A long, pine finish gives a lasting, woody flavour.

Served with Tonic water this is a greatly refreshing gin, add some pomegranate or even a slice of courgette and enjoy the wonderful flavours!

This extremely limited edition comes in a wooden box, individually numbered and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity by the Distillers, Neil and Katie.