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Stone Circle Series Volume 1 The Maiden Stone

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Stone Circle Series Volume 1 The Maiden Stone


Our Maiden release is an obvious one - The Maiden Stone. The legend behind this wonderful example tells of a young woman, the daughter of  the Laird of Balquhain baking bread for her wedding the day before her big day. A handsome stranger smelt the bread and knocked on her door, situated at the base of Bennachie. The stranger tempted her with a deal. If he could built a stone causeway to the top of the Ben before she finished baking her bread he could take her to be his wife. Confident of winning this foolhardy gamble, she agreed. Unbeknown to the maiden, the stranger was the Devil in disguise. He crafted his magic and the causeway was built! Upon arrival to collect his prize, the woman fled and prayed to God to help her. God turned her to stone but the Devil caught her and grabbed her shoulder as she turned. The crack in her shoulder where he touched her can still be seen today.

We have sourced an absolute Gem of a whisky from Speyside....a Rare whisky indeed - Fully Matured in a Burgundy Wine Cask!

We felt this Whisky perfectly sums up the tale of the Maiden Stone - the hot, fiery spice of the Devil wraps itself around a delicate, soft, fruitiness representing the Maiden - a wonderful combination! 

Notes of Raisin and Red Fruits pour from the nose, backed up by a tight oak aroma. Spiced notes and juicy fruits linger on the tongue. A lovely sweet, treacle-like mouthfeel clings to your mouth, creating a moreish sappiness, drying your mouth. The finish is intense, almost chewy and very, very long.

This Single-Cask beauty comes in at 59.55% vol and will be very limited in availability at only 150 bottles, 36 of which have already been snapped up by our newsletter subscribers so get your pre-order in now and don't miss out!

Retail Price: £49.99 

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