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PC6 Port Charlotte


Despite being only 6 years old, this extremely limited edition brought rave reviews on it's release in 2009, including this from Jim Murray, 

"The total of  96.5%  ensured, despite being only 6 years old, PC6  won two awards: Winner of Best New Whisky and Best Whisky 12 years and under."

Described by Jim McEwan as the "The Ultimate Six Pack. It's a war of the elements: Gaelic Skills, Atlantic Tempests, Ancient Oaks, Smouldering Peat all detonate  from the glass in a thunderstorm of Hebriddean Spirit unrestrained by age."

Our bottle featured Distillery Managers Duncan and Allan, and is bottle number 11937 of 18000

Now very hard to get a hold of, and a must-buy for all Bruichladdich or Port Charlotte drinkers and collectors!

WAS £390! Save £50!