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Highland Park 26 Year Old - Murray McDavid

Highland Park 26 Year Old - Murray McDavid

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The Orkney Islands, in the far north of Scotland is home to the world famous Highland Park Distillery. For over a quarter of a century, this exemplary spirit has been matured in a traditional oak cask and then in a barrique that previously held Banyuls fortified red wine produced in southern France, close to the border with Spain. 

The nose introduces itself with a gentle smokiness before welcoming butterscotch, vanilla fudge and cinnamon apple pie.

To taste, initially a nutty, almost marzipan flavour, matched with a smooth mouthfeel. Sweet mandarins and hints of Oak give this a full bodied and deep flavour - fantastic!

The finish is warm and long, giving off burnt wood, apples and orange notes linger longer than other flavours.

Distilled 1989 Bottled Oct 2015