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GlenDronach Portwood 10 Year Old

GlenDronach Portwood 10 Year Old

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The latest release from the Rachel Barrie led GlenDronach distillery, this limited release 10 year old is as good a Port cask Whisky you will find.

Tasting Notes:

The colour has, as many Port finishes do, a pink hue to it, inviting images of a summery, refreshing dram which really comes through on the taste.

Three years in Port Pipes has certainly done a wonderful job on the spirit. In the core there is still GlenDronach's creamy oatmeal notes with subtle apple tones. Combined with a wonderful Black Forrest Cheesecake flavour profile. Strawberry and oatmeal notes on the nose lead in to this creamy, biscuity texture surrounded by berry fruits and a hint of stewed apple spice. Orange zest and dried fruits linger on the finish which is as smooth and refreshing as the colour portrays.