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Cutty Sark Tam O' Shanter 25 Year Old Blended

Cutty Sark Tam O' Shanter 25 Year Old Blended

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The name Cutty Sark has been synonymous with whisky for over 90 years, but rarely have they released a package as complete as this superb whisky.

Tam O'Shanter, as we all know is the iconic figure from Robert Burns' epic poem of the same name. Dark and mysterious, full of humour, horror and sometimes shocking, the poem is one of Scotlands finest literary works.

Matching the work in terms of depth and complexity comes this fantastic 25 year old Blended Whisky, with notes of Sherry, Spice and Chocolate it has true dark character, with the sweet vanilla balancing out the flavours wonderfully.

Boxed in sturdy wood, with devilish etchings and accompanied by a wonderful book portraying the history and art of the poem this is a must for Whisky and Burns' fans alike!