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Burn Taobh 26 Year Old Murray McDavid The Vatting

Murray McDavid

Burn Taobh 26 Year Old Murray McDavid The Vatting


The art of maturation is all about the passage of time and wood. An iconic single malt whisky, augmented with a drop of a similarly famous malt, has journeyed for more than a quarter of a century through the finest oak casks before finishing in a treasured first fill bourbon barrel. This slow process rewards the devotee with bouquets of vanilla, lemon shortbread, happy memories of boiled sweets and flapjack, and then brings to mind the grassy and herbaceous notes of the Scottish wilds. The joyous recollections continue to tantalise your tastes with honey on toast and lemon peel, bringing a heavier ashy vanilla sweetness over time that finally coats the mouth with a delicate hint of dry spices.

Only 245 bottles of this Vatted Malt have been produced

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