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Adelphi Distilled in Dufftown 20 Year Old

by Adelphi

Single Cask bottling of a 20 year old Blended Malt, distilled in Dufftown, from Adelphi.

Distilled 1999 and bottled 2019. One of only 238 bottles.

Drawn from a refill American oak ex-PX hogshead, this has the colour of Autumn gold with amber lights, and a good bead. Initially on the nose, Mackies vanilla ice cream and Fox’s Glacier Mints, moving to cake mix (especially sultanas), fig rolls, Cadbury’s Cherry Ripe chocolate bars and Bircher muesli with apricots. 

The palate brings juicy mandarins, coconut flakes and Gjetost (Norwegian goat’s cheese) finishing with notes of dulce de leche.

A very rare whisky especially in single cask at this age.

Adelphi identify the very small number of casks that have produced the ultimate whiskies. The criteria for selection include rarity and maturity but above all flavour.

Adelphi whiskies are both rare and sought-after - these very special casks are so rare that, on average, Adelphi accepts a mere 4% that it is offered.

Each single cask of whisky matures its contents very differently, imparting its own character to the whisky it holds and, as a result, there are never two Adelphis quite the same.

58% vol