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A Rare Find- Bas Armagnac 31 year Old

A Rare Find- Bas Armagnac 31 year Old

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Bottled from a rare and closed Armagnac distillery.

This bottling was distilled in 1982 and aged for 31 years in a French oak cask until 2013.

Nose: Juicy redcurrants, cherries and raspberries. Spearmint, tulip petals and a core of vanilla-rich oak. A subtle mineral hint leads to vegetal oak notes.

Palate: Orange oil on the palate entry. This soon reveals blackcurrant, pineapple and plum sauce. A constant earthy spice sits in the background, and is soon joined by a touch of camphor.

Finish: Another flash of mint. Candle wax (with a little bit of smoke in tow), aloe and Fruit Salad sweeties right to the end.