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Here's a list of what's coming your way at the Inverurie Whisky Shop this year....


Saturday 11th February  - 7.30pm
Saturday 18th March - 7.30pm
Saturday 8th April - 7.30pm
Get to know more about some new and interesting gins!
We are always working on getting brand new gins to give you an exclusive taste so watch this space! We will go into the history of gin and what has helped make it the popular drink it is today, along with 5 samples. If Gin is your thing, book now, we only have 16 places on each tasting!
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Friday 10th February
World Whisky Tasting

Whisky is fast becoming a Global Product, one in which Scotland is a pioneer and benchmark. We will take you on a virtual trip around the world with 5 very different styles of whisky (or Whiskey!) We'll welcome you in with a good old fashioned Scotch Malt, something to set your standards by before we begin. Taking in American Bourbon, Japanese Malt, Indian Single Cask,  Irish Single Malt and believe it or not...English whisky! Discover the differences in styles, production techniques, maturation processes and learn how Scotch whisky really launched the worldwide phenomenon.

£30 - limited to 16

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Saturday 18th February
Glen Moray Distillery Tasting Event
Current Distillery Manager Graham Coull will be entertaining you at the Inverurie Whisky Shop with tastings and stories from the distillery floor in what is sure to be a fantastic and interesting evening of classic Speyside whiskies.
£25 - limited to 16.
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Friday 24th March
Scottish Tour Whisky Tasting

Travel the country with us as we take you one tour of Scotland's finest product - Whisky! We will be sampling from each of the 5 Regions of Scotch Single Malt, from Campbeltown, Lowlands, to Speyside and the Highlands before taking you over to Islay for our final tasting.

On the way you will find out about the history of Scotland's National Drink, how it is made and where it comes from. We'll introduce you to the wood behind the magic and the defining characteristics which make each region special.

£25 - limited to 16

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